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Dan Boardman is 18 years old and doing his HSC year at Xavier. He plays for Lennox Head Rugby union first grade in the centres, and is hoping to have a professional rugby union career, starting with a Shute Shield club next year.

To help him along the way Cliff Coleman of Northcoast Podiatry has come on board to provide a couple of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and treatment.

‘My support for Dan has been to reduce the likelihood of overuse injury by careful alignment of lower limb biomechanics, specifically the feet. This is achieved mainly through analysis and examination of the athlete’s movement on our treadmill and slow motion cameras with ‘knee position in relation to his feet’ crucial in construction of ‘in shoe therapy’. This therapy takes the form of custom (casted) prescription, lightweight carbon fibre foot orthotics, partnering these with football boots and training shoes that compliment Dan’s foot type and ‘tweaking’ any lower limb muscles shortness or weakness,’ says Cliff.

‘I am just one of the local sponsors for Dan. The other sponsors would agree that it sits well to help a fine young local man reach his goal of developing a professional Rugby Union career in Sydney starting from next year.’

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Focus on Sports People

Highly repetitive movements with larger than normal forces as experienced when we are active combined with ‘less than perfect biomechanics’ can lead to pain and injury in the feet, legs, knees, hips and spine.

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Focus on Childhood

Foot, leg, knee or any lower limb pain should not be considered normal in childhood or just attributed to ‘growing’ (growing pains). Any repetitive or continuing pain needs to be diagnosed and treated by Northcoast Podiatry.

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Focus on Diabetes

People with diabetes usually have heard of complications that can occur in the eyes and kidneys. Unfortunately problems can occur in the feet as well. All of these complications need diagnosis and monitoring. 

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Care for the elderly

Nail and skin maintenance for those that cannot manage these aspects of their life can become problematic and quickly become complicated in the form of ulceration, infection etc. NCP are expert at ‘keeping the simple things simple’.

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Standing, walking or climbing occupations like teaching and the building trades for example, develop conditions like ‘heel spur syndrome (plantar fasciitis)’, Achilles tendonitis and even ‘Tibialis posterior insufficiency’ just by being ...

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Dancers rely on their ‘connection to the ground’ putting feet and legs through various stresses and strains. Correct posture and technique is essential for longevity and prevention of injury as a dancer. Foot posture correction with specific ...

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‘Sports Medicine Australia’ recommend at least a half hour activity per day, every day for all adults for maintenance of health. Walking is one of the most convenient ways of achieving this and can be done alone, with a partner or even in groups. 

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Orthotic Therapy

What is it? Prescription orthotic therapy is a managed podiatric treatment regime that includes specifically made custom inserts for footwear, together with exercise and activity prescription combined with a series of reviews on you the . . .

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People with Claudication

Claudication describes pain brought on by walking, that some people with peripheral vascular disease in the legs and feet develop. This pain can be a crushing pain as felt in angina of the heart, but in the calf muscles (and other leg muscles).

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Toe nail surgery

NCP clinicians are trained in local anaesthesia and specific soft tissue surgical techniques and procedures to give a permanent cure to repatative or severely painful and or infected ingrown toe nails. These techniques are surprisingly painless . . .

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The aim of NCP is to ‘keep people mobile’ and at times this will involve orthopaedic surgery. Podiatrist Cliff works closely with Lismore Orthopaedic surgeons to enable their patients to ‘get back to normal’ with the prescription of ‘air . . .

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Many patients new to podiatry do present with good supportive footwear, some don’t. Footwear will be investigated at the time of the consultations and the NCP clinician will advise as to why existing shoes are fine or why an alternative is needed.

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